Sugar 6 讓 客戶關係管理(CRM) 全球化, Mobile, and Social

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New in Sugar: Global, Social, Mobile CRM 
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Open your business to the future with the latest Sugar 6 release. Sugar is the CRM solution that gives you the independence of an open platform, freeing you from the limits of other, more restrictive CRM solutions. Sugar supports your business processes, your business applications, and whatever solutions you choose to integrate with your CRM.


I'm a veteran CRM user, and I was blown away by Sugar's new approach in Sugar 6.
Martin Umeh, Regional Sales Manager Control Technology Corp.

CRM Made Global

If your staff spans the globe, Sugar 6 supports the localized deployment you require. The Sugar 6 Spring 2011 release adds 8 more languages—for a total of 22—and more administrative control, so you can boost the efficiency of your worldwide workforce. We’ve also added support for right-to-left (RTL) languages to allow for Hebrew and Arabic language translations.

Support for 22 languages, including:

Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, plus UK English and American English.

Try Sugar in your language


CRM Made Mobile

Mobile employees, be they road warriors, remote workers, or telecommuters, are an increasingly important business asset. Sugar 6 supports your team with mobile-appropriate clients across a broad range of platforms: Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPad. Offline Sync helps when network connections are intermittent (think frequent flyers), while Sugar’s HTML5 charting engine ensures that reports are readable across mobile platforms.

Sugar Mobile on the iPhone is great! Everything I need, all of my account and opportunity records, for example, are right at my fingertips, with clean and simple navigation. It is an awesome productivity boost.
Mark M. Buss, Dir. of Marketing and Business Development,
Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co

CRM Made Social

Social CRM is all about external customers, not just behind-the-firewall collaboration. Sugar 6 dramatically expands the ability to collaborate with customers and partners no matter where they are located.

  • IBM Lotus Integration:

    New IBM Lotus Software integration in the Sugar 6 Spring 2011 release adds business collaboration capabilities tailored to IBM customers: from inside Sugar you can schedule meetings and share files via LotusLive, integrate with Lotus Notes, and link to Lotus Domino applications.

    About SugarCRM for LotusLive | Free Trial |
    About Sugar plug-in for Lotus Notes

  • Web conferencing

    Web conferencing integrations are also new in this release. Sugar 6 now supports scheduling, starting, and joining Cisco WebEx and Citrix Online GoToMeeting meetings from inside Sugar. Upload and access Google Docs, too, to share and collaborate with Sugar users, customers, and partners.

  • Sugar Activity Streams

    Sugar Activity Streams (formerly Sugar Feeds) syndicate team activities and social media applications within Sugar to improve team collaboration. Team members can track all team activities for leads, cases, contacts, and opportunities, subscribe to favorites, and reply to or delete specific Activity Streams. Sugar 6 supports your business processes rather than forcing you to modify processes to support a restrictive CRM solution.

    Social media are becoming a key means to engage customers in business conversations. Activity Streams integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds within Sugar, creating a valuable tool for marketing and support teams. Of course, these streams can be enabled or disabled easily by your Sugar administrator.

  • InsideView for Sales FREE

    Sales teams live on timely, accurate, thorough customer information. To further enable successful sales, Sugar 6 Spring 2011 release includes the sales intelligence of InsideView for Sales FREE, built into Sugar. With InsideView, a sales team can take advantage of current business data, aggregated from both traditional media and new social media, including international information.


Sugar as a Platform

The Sugar 6 Spring 2011 release simplifies customizations and increases deployment options. Customizations via Sugar Logic and Sugar Studio are easier: Sugar Logic now offers Calculated Fields support for Date and Datetime fields and functions, plus Dependent Fields to display or hide fields based on formulas. Sugar Studio supports B2B and B2C configurations plus custom Relate fields and enhanced record search capabilities.

For the enterprise, Sugar 6 has expanded deployment options. Sugar now supports Oracle 11g and IBM i architecture for Power Systems. And there is now cloud deployment support for the Amazon EC2 platform via BitNami Cloud Hosting.