HP: Build Top100 Super With Just 100 Servers

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Thanks to GPUs, you can now build a system that ranks among the top 100 supercomputers with just 100 of HP’s new hybrid servers. As introduced by HP’s Mark Potter in Barcelona this week, the new ProLiant SL390 contains three general purpose GPUs, each with 1 TFLOP of peak performance.

Potter said that the SL390 servers take up 77 percent less space and operate at 71 percent lower cost compared to what is currently on the market. A single rack of SL390s, Potter said, creates the 113th fastest supercomputer in the world. HP reckons they can build a “top 100 supercomputer” using a hundred SL390s, running at 77 TFLOPs.

According to Potter it would take 952 x86 servers from their competitors to achieve the same result.