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Fortune 100 Information Technology Product and Service Provider Selects ABBYY USA for Document Management

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Fortune 100 Information Technology Product and Service Provider Selects ABBYY USA for Document Management


Win Illustrates ABBYY USA's Continued Enterprise Adoption

MILPITAS, Calif.Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- ABBYY®, a leader in document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, has been selected by a leading information technology product and solutions provider to improve efficiency and streamline operations.  As a Fortune 100 company with hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide, the company sought solutions to improve information flow by automating the digitization of paper records.  ABBYY's solutions quickly rose to the top because of their unmatched accuracy and robust feature sets. With millions of structured and unstructured documents processed

 each year, the company expects to save millions of dollars annually.

ABBYY solutions have made organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to the largest enterprises in the world, more efficient.  By using distributed data capture, document management and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies, organizations can automate the digitization of their paper documents.  This reduces time spent on manual data entry or document conversion, while also making information more accessible to both in-office and remote workers.  In addition, the company's ABBYY FineReader, ABBYY FlexiCapture and ABBYY Recognition Server solutions tap directly into backend systems like Microsoft SharePoint, filling the document management and data capture needs of organizations without requiring infrastructure overhaul.  

"Enterprises across numerous industries are realizing that ABBYY solutions can immediately and tangibly impact their bottomline," said Dean Tang, CEO for ABBYY USA.  "Our selection by another Fortune 100 corporation further demonstrates that document recognition and data capture software deployments, especially those that can span multi-lingual environments, can translate into millions of dollars of cost savings and improve the flow of information across today's distributed workforces."

Find ABBYY USA on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ABBYY_USA or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ABBYYUSA.


ABBYY is a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software. Its products include the ABBYY FineReader line of optical character recognition (OCR) applications, ABBYY FlexiCapture line of data capture solutions, ABBYY Lingvo dictionary software, and development tools. Paper-intensive organizations from all over the world use ABBYY software to automate time- and labour-consuming tasks and to streamline business processes. ABBYY products are used in large-scale government projects such as those of Australian Taxation Office, Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate, Ministry of Education of Russia, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, and Montgomery County Government of the USA. Companies that license ABBYY technologies include BancTec, Canon, EMC/Captiva, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, NewSoft, Notable Solutions, Samsung Electronics and more. ABBYY OCR applications are shipped with equipment from the world's top manufacturers such as BenQ, Epson, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, Microtek, Panasonic, Plustek, Toshiba, and Xerox. ABBYY is headquartered in Moscow, Russia, with offices inGermanythe United StatesUkraine, the UK, Japan and Taiwan. For more information, visit www.ABBYY.com.

ABBYY, the ABBYY Logo, FineReader, Lingvo, FlexiCapture and PDF Transformer are either registered trademarks or trademarks of ABBYY Software Ltd. Other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized.


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財富 100強信息技術產品和服務供應商選擇的ABBYY美國文件管理



加州米爾皮塔斯, 十月 12日 /新華美通/ -的ABBYY ®,一個領導者在文檔識別,數據捕獲和語言軟件,已選定由領先的信息技術產品和解決方案提供商,以提高效率和簡化操作。 作為財富100強公司,幾十萬世界各地的員工,公司尋求解決方案,以提高信息流的自動化,數字化的紙質記錄。 ABBYY的解決方案,迅速上升到頂端,因為其無與倫比的準確性和強大的功能集。 隨著以百萬計的結構化和非結構化文檔每年處理的,該公司預計每年節省數百萬美元。

的ABBYY解決方案已經組織各種規模,從中小企業到大型企業在世界上,效率更高。 通過使用分佈式數據採集,文件管理和光學字符識別(OCR)技術,可以自動組織數字化的紙質文件。 這將減少時間花費在手工數據錄入或文件的轉換,同時也使得信息更容易獲得無論是在辦公室和遠程工作者。 此外,該公司的ABBYY FineReader還時,ABBYY FlexiCapture和服務器解決方案的ABBYY識別自來水直接進入後端系統,如微軟的SharePoint,填補了文件管理和數據採集需要的基礎設施的組織,而不需要大修。  

“企業在眾多行業解決方案能夠意識到的ABBYY立即切實影響他們的底線,說:” 院長湯,首席執行官的ABBYY美國。 “我們選擇的另一個財富100強公司進一步說明文檔識別和數據採集軟件的部署,特別是那些可以跨越多語言環境中,可以轉化成數百萬美元的成本節約,提高信息流在今天的分佈式勞動力。”

在Twitter上找到的ABBYY美國在 http://www.twitter.com/ABBYY_USA 或Facebook在 http://www.facebook.com/ABBYYUSA


ABBYY是一個領先供應商的文檔識別,數據捕獲和語言軟件。 其產品包括ABBYY FineReader還行光學字符識別(OCR)應用程序時,ABBYY FlexiCapture線的數據採集解決方案時,ABBYY Lingvo的字典軟件和開發工具。 紙張密集型組織從世界各地使用的ABBYY軟件自動時間和勞力耗時的任務,並簡化業務流程。 的ABBYY產品用於大型政府項目,例如澳大利亞稅務局,稅務督察立陶宛,教育部 俄羅斯,教育部 烏克蘭,和蒙哥馬利縣政府的 美國 公司牌照的ABBYY技術包括BancTec,佳能,電磁兼容/卡普蒂瓦,惠普,微軟,力新國際,值得注意的解決方案,三星電子等。 的ABBYY OCR的應用程序都帶有設備來自世界頂級製造商如明基,愛普生,富士通,富士施樂,中晶,松下,精益科技,東芝,施樂公司。 ABBYY是總部設在 莫斯科,俄羅斯,辦事處在 德國, 美國, 烏克蘭,英國, 日本 和 台灣 欲了解更多信息,請訪問 www.ABBYY.com