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Who are we ?

OpenLM is a licensing management and license monitoring software company with an international install base.

Why OpenLM ?

OpenLM provides productivity tools to system administrators, managers and users alike. The software supports the major trends in the field of licensing including license consolidations, usage chargeback (usage billing) and trend analysis.

What’s next ?

OpenLM provides a Light software edition. This edition is distributed free of charge, but of limited capabilities. The OpenLM Light edition is currently in use by many thousands of companies worldwide. 

Which companies use OpenLM ?

Companies that use OpenLM software range from global corporations to small offices. OpenLM is designed with the customer's needs in mind  to optimize license utilization. Our firm’s commitment to innovation guarantees that our clients constantly receive updates with the most advanced technology. Our long term commitment to clients is to provide them with the best breed of any tool available.

OpenLM Version 1.8 Screenshots

The OpenLM Floating license monitoring and Usage optimization tool interfaces an ever growing variety of license managers, such as Flexera FlexLM (Flexnet publisher), Beta LM, IBM LUM, DSLS, Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, Reprise RLM, MathLM, and LM-X.

The OpenLM system consists of a number of modules. An overview of these modules' function is found here. This document presents a screenshot appearance of the main OpenLM modules.


The EasyAdmin user interface is accessible from any standard internet browser, e.g.:

Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari & Google Chrome.


EasyAdmin Control Panel

The control panel allows users to get system status information in a single glance:


  • License server status.

  • OpenLM Broker status on each license server.

  • General statistics on license on daily and weekly license usage.

  • One-glance status of critical feature over multiple license servers.

  • Alerts system messages.

The control panel features a Windows-like interface that allows easy access and management of Windows on a standard browser interface.

EasyAdmin - Widgets - License Servers

License servers’ information includes the license manager status and the status of the OpenLM broker installed on the license server machine.


EasyAdmin - Widgets - Host availability

Host availability indication diagram provides the full information regarding the server’s activity over time.


OpenLM EasyAdmin - Widgets - Selected features statistics

OpenLM EasyAdmin - Widgets - Feature usage status

This window allows you to easily see the number of licenses used, the number of licenses borrowed, and the license-usage percentage. It’s easy to add features by using the filter. 

EasyAdmin - Widgets - Alerts

The alerts window sends notifications if any problems occur with the OpenLM server.


OpenLM EasyAdmin - Management -Licenses window

The licenses window lists available licenses, and allows easy management of the organizational assets. A sophisticated sliding filter enables users to filter long lists easily.

OpenLM EasyAdmin supports advanced features like Flexnet packages (As used by Autodesk that produce Autocad). License Packages appear as boxed items.

OpenLM EasyAdmin - Management -License Procurement table

Shows comprehensive license information, as appears in the license file: Licensed packages and their member features, issuing and expiration dates, Asset info etc. (shown in the picture for Flexnet product)


OpenLM EasyAdmin - Management - Licenses not in use

Single out licenses that have not been used for a predefined period of time.

OpenLM EasyAdmin - Operational - Active Products Window

License managers may sometimes label licenses as occupied, when in fact they are idle and wasting your limited resources.

OpenLM EasyAdmin identifies these conditions, and resolves the problem of idle licenses.

The Active Products window lists all active users. It also serves as an interface for authorized system managers to retrieve a license from any user when necessary.

OpenLM EasyAdmin - Operational - Released Licenses window

The Released Licenses window reports license release (check-ins).

This functionality is only relevant for applications with supported extensions such as ESRI Desktop ArcGIS and Autodesk.